Saturday, 24 September 2011

randomly in july, pt 1

A gallimaufrey of inconsequentialities:

This charming Chaddy spaniel guarding the Sportsmans Arms, the pub where we dropped in for lunch on our trip to Slapton Sands on July 4
I took this pic to scoff at these holidaymakers, but I have to confess they were better prepared than us. Cabin fever had so fried our brains that we set off on this journey – down through the Teign Valley, swerving gracefully past Torbay and going down a coast road that lyrically reminded C of her childhood holidays in the South of France, an untroubled sea showing blue against the pine-topped red headlands – with the wrong footwear, no cozzies and an insufficiency of comestibles.

A swift return to the gastro glories of the Lazy Toad


After the tiring trip to Slapton, C's health slipped, and it took a week or so for the medics to get her stabilized again
Espesso floats at Ashton's Coffee Lounge. She's knitting me a scarf

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