Wednesday, 15 November 2017

probably the last entry (but you never know...)

There were other entries, but I've taken them down for one reason and another; there are literally thousands more photos, more memories. I may get around to posting some of those - the day I buried Chip under the oak tree, for instance – but to some extent this blog feels finished to me. 

I've just revisited it, largely because all the photos were vulnerable to photobucket's no 3rd party policy, and I had to fix all the links to get it working again, but that also entailed reading it from beginning to end, with all the horror and wonder that entailed, and to be honest I feel like there's nothing that needs,that screams out,to be added. As long as I continue to pay the yearly ransom, which I will as long as live, the words and photos will stay here.

Last month I entered my 70th year, and I'm planning to get married to my new love, Em, and to move house (within the same village) to begin a new phase in my life, still more or less fit, and feeling amazingly fortunate both to have that chance and to have learned enough of love, of home, and the joys of life in my 30 years of Chipness to make the very best of it. 

I love her still, but that doesn't mean I can't love other people, animals, things, and live with a full heart. She taught me that, and, future dementia aside, I will never forget it. 
Or her.
Love Ray