Friday, 12 August 2011

moving right along...

C spent most of June either having treatment or recovering from it. While it was frustrating for her that the stent had not given her an immediate flood of energy in the wake of the tide of bile thus released, there were the twin consolations of Wimbledon and the occasionally sunny day in the garden, where she could toast her bones in the joyous freedom of knowing she needn't care about melanomas any more. Towards the end of the month, we started to get around more - on fairly short trips as C was not comfortable in the car.

We moved the armchair from my study to the bedroom to cope with the stream of guests
first crop

This was taken on 30 June, the 23 anniversary of our first wedding (a longer story than fits in a caption)

C is making a point of wearing all the fabulous clothes and jewels she has been saving for special occasions, which is why she is wearing silks and linen in the garden, and flaunting her collection of insect jewellery around the local coffee shop. I bought C the dragonfly brooch a few years ago, but she rarely wore it because she was afraid of losing it. She did not wear the blue linen dress that often, because it gaped at the front. One problem solves another.

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